On moving and taste

I am moving a long way from where I live now, which is a practice I’m used to. #gypsycurse


It’s been six years since I first moved down to Melbourne craving culture and vibrancy, and I’ve explored and loved this city very much. But I’m really very cold now, and it’s time to migrate home for picnics and storms (separately). My cat, Trogdor, needs some sun in her old bones.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from moving city to city it’s that you will find yourself blending in eventually. A place will absolutely influence your tastes over time. Everything will seem different in a new place, even you, though there will always remain something at your core that belies your homeland.

It’s subtle. The buildings suit the climate, the prevailing tastes of certain boom periods dominate architecture, and complimenting your home must take these details into account.

The lifestyle influences your wardrobe from a place of practicality; textiles, textures, lengths and hues. The culture invades your imagination, peopling it with new heroes and heroines to emulate – even if it’s just that tall girl Emma down the pub who wears that perfect shade of red lipstick all the time and looks flawless.

Also, it’s what’s at the shops, right? Prevailing tastes have got you there.

I remember moving from Brisbane to Melbourne promising to remain a tropical parrot amongst the sea of pigeons, which is to say that I would continue wearing bright colours. I would not be changed!

winter in Melbourne

I was punished for my naivety.

My first winter I wore a cotton jacket over a cotton hoodie and cried because it was bitterly cold. Now I wear almost entirely black woolen things.

In the great wide world there are many types of beauty, many joys to be had, many different ways to live in and with the surroundings. That’s often why we move, to change.

As I prepare to move home I reflect on the tastes I had when I left. Time has certainly changed them, as has new influences.

I have collected a vast amount of material possessions through op shop enthusiasm, hard rubbish opportunism, and share house living. My house is adorably and eclectically decorated. But it is a Melbourne home. It is with relish, the same relish that I usually have for collecting things, that I am currently jettisoning most of my belongings. They were from here and remain for here.

I don’t know what my next home will be like, or my lifestyle, or how my tastes will change. I am excited to find out.


Whether collecting or jettisoning possessions I find the following services incredibly helpful, thrifty and environmentally friendly: gumtree, diabetes Australia’s collection services, ebay, council rubbish pick up, and local community swap/sell groups on facebook.


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